We are Rhythm & Green, a small, sustainable business located in the United Kingdom. Our community is working together to align ourselves with the seasons and raise awareness to the importance of sustainable living. Today’s society can be a hustle and bustle of negativity and consumerism. It is our belief that, through seasonal living, sustainable rhythms, and yes, a little minimalism, we can help you to make the most our of your day, reduce your impact on the environment in our ever-changing global situation, and align yourself completely with the seasons.


Our mission here at Rhythm and Green is to create awareness around seasonal and sustainable lifestyles. This corner of the internet is first and foremost designed to bring together those who are passionate about becoming better humans on this Earth. Focusing on creating sustainable rhythms in our everyday lives will help us to reduce our impact on the environment, but also enable us to encourage others to think Earth-consciously as well.


Today more than ever, convenience shadows almost every decision we make. We forget to think about how something was made, and where our money is going when we purchase something new. Our planet is suffering because of this, and it’s crucial, now more than ever to become more conscious in our consumerism and focus on what we really need. Shopping and living seasonally, applying sustainable methods to our lives, and consuming only what we need, are all ways of leading a more planet-friendly lifestyle. It can be difficult to know where to start, but we hope we can change your approach to consumerism and help you to foster more deliberate practises in your decision making.


Katherine Comina is the owner and creator of Rhythm and Green.

“It is more than time to make a change. We need to be taking steps towards more conscious habits, more sustainable methods NOW. Let’s embrace environment-orientated societies, let’s educate and raise awareness of our current global situation. Surely, we should all want a greener and happier planet.”

“I am invested in living as sustainably as I can. One day I want to be completely self-sufficient, living off of my own land, growing everything I need. Not everyone has the same dreams as me. Not everyone thinks the same way and nor should they. We are not one mind but we are one planet, and we should be working towards helping our home. It is my hope that, here, by joining our community, you can cultivate more sustainable, greener approaches to every day.”

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“Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming whether you like it or not.”

Greta Thunberg