no-fuss mushroom walnut pâté

Fancy foods don’t necessarily need to be difficult to make. This vegan pâté is a real easy crowd-pleaser. Using the simplest of ingredients, we have made a bombshell of a buffet dish. Recreating those classic festive flavours will be a walk in the park. Serve this delicious mushroom and walnut pâté over freshly made sourdough bread and you’ll have all your guests running for seconds. Alternatively, keep a whole jar for yourself because it’s just too good to share!

Hungry yet? Lucky for you, I share this darling recipe in my latest e-book ‘A Simple Christmas’ – you can get your copy HERE

A Simple Christmas is a collection of vegan recipes for the holiday season. This e-book is full of rich, warming, and simple foods to help you enjoy Christmas in a kind and stress-free way.

In 70+ pages, Katherine shares with you her favourite recipes to celebrate the yule tide and all of its flavours. This e-book takes your average recipe book and gives it a vegan twist, with a multitude of recipes ranging from traditional Christmas favourites to new seasonal dishes. You can look forward to simple and delicious recipes!

It is our hope that, within these pages, we can help you to celebrate the holiday season in a simple and exciting way. Whether you’re completely new to veganism, have been vegan/vegetarian for a long time, or just want to try your hand at something different in the kitchen, we’re here to supply you with a multitude of vegan recipes to enjoy this Christmas.

Hearty, warming, and simple foods are the focus of this e-book. With our simple ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, we’ll help you to enjoy Christmas time in a kind and stress-free way. A Simple Christmas has been curated and developed to encourage new and already vegans to try their hands at vegan festive foods this holiday season. It is our belief that nothing is better than homemade.

All of these recipes are vegan and have been well tested, so you can be sure of great results in the kitchen! We’ve also made sure that each recipe is as simple as possible, so you won’t be working away for hours over a complicated recipe method either!

Simple. Seasonal. Exciting.

That’s all there is to it.


For more information on my latest e-book ‘A Simple Christmas’ you can visit THIS blog post

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my e-book so far and I look forward to hearing all about the recipes you’ve tried from ‘A Simple Christmas’! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions by using the information in our contact page. To stay in the know and see what I’ve been up to recently, follow my on Instagram @rhythmandgreen

Once again, thank you for your support on my latest e-book and I hope you have a great day!

With love,

Katherine x

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