how to live seasonally in autumn

Seasonal living is a way of life that focuses on making the most of the current time of year. Living seasonally means embracing what the earth has to offer to us IN THIS MOMENT. It is making the most of what we have to hand right now. In the spring, this could mean going for a walk and picking daffodils or sowing seeds into the ground and taking care of them so that you can grow your own food. In the summer, seasonal living could be collecting sea shells at the beach and making your own ice cream out of fresh fruits, making the most of the warmth and the sun. In the autumn, seasonal living looks a lot like playing in the fallen leaves, baking apple pies, going pumpkin picking, and snuggling up with a good book. Perhaps the only time seasonal living is ‘difficult’, in my opinion, is in the winter. It’s a little different. The earth has less to offer but there is so much that we can still enjoy: the falling snow, the warmth of the fireplace, a good book, or some good old inward development. Seasonal living is different for everybody, but there is something to relish in at every time of the year.

Since trying to live more seasonally this year, I have found that my year-round happiness has increased greatly. I no longer find myself waiting around for my favourite month of the year because the month I’m currently in has so much to offer. We simply have to notice. Living seasonally, to me, means noticing what the earth has to offer for us at this current time, and making the most of it (without being greedy of course). That is the basis of seasonal living, but it branches out into a lot of different areas of life; what you eat, what you wear, what you do with your time… the possibilities are endless.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be posting about seasonal living and seasonal eating, with aims to continue this content into next year. It is my hope that, through my posts and resources, I can encourage you to live a little more seasonally than you were before. Nobody is perfect, and we are all going through our own experiences right now. I hope that you can find some simplicity amidst the chaos here. May you find rest in this space, as we continue along our journey to simpler, more seasonal lives.

With love,

Katherine x

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