everything is creative: even eating

Creatively Constipated

Katherine herself. From rhythmandgreen.com

This week I spoke to Katherine Comina, owner of new blog site and Instagram influence Rhythm and Green. With a growing trend – and dare I say, a need – for sustainable lifestyle choices right now, Katherine’s seasonal eating and vegan friendly corner of the internet is well timed and well created. As a vegan, seasonal eater with a passion for all things sustainable, it may seem odd that we – creatively constipated – are walking a slightly different path, but rest assured, we have our reasons. I knew Katherine since long before she started Rhythm and Green and indeed watched her while she was building not only a website and an Instagram account, but she was building a brand. Already in just a few short weeks she has found her feet. In creating her empire, she has implemented her writing, taught herself photography and takes…

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