summer surplus sandwiches

Summer is the season of abundance! And with abundance comes leftovers – surplus. My family is blessed with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every year thanks to my parent’s hard work in the garden, and it’s my job to make sure that as little as possible goes to waste. For this reason, I have created this simple recipe for summer sandwiches to help you use up your surplus of fruits and vegetables over the summer! This sandwich recipe is a signature lunchtime ordeal in my house – we need something quick and something filling and these hefty sandwiches do just the trick!

For these sandwiches you’re going to need:

  • 2 slices of homemade bread (per person)
  • vegan cream cheese or hummus
  • onion or tomato chutney/relish
  • lettuce leaves or spinach
  • cucumber or tomato
  • your favourite falafel or similar

Step 1

Before anything, make sure to thoroughly wash the lettuce/spinach and cucumber to rid them of any dirt. Now, take the cucumber and slice it into as many slices as will fit to the bread.

Step 2

If desired, put the bread in the toaster to crisp it up a little. Once the bread is toasted, or not, spread the side of one piece with the vegan cream cheese, and the other piece with the chutney.

Step 3

Begin assembling your sandwich – I like to put the falafel on first so that it’s next to the cream cheese, following by the lettuce then the cucumber to go next to the chutney. I find that this combination of flavours really complement each other.

Step 4

Cut the sandwich in half either into rectangles or triangles (we won’t judge you which way) and enjoy! I love paring these sandwiches with a tall glass of my refreshing mint lemonade for a really summery  lunch.

Not only are these sandwiches really easy to make, it’s also a very customisable recipe (you can swap out the different components depending on what you need to use up the most!). Finding ways of using surplus crops is really important and is a really easy way of reducing your food waste. These sandwiches are also a really quick way to ensure that you’re enjoying seasonal fruits and vegetables in summer, using up what’s left over from the garden or farmer’s market haul!

Let us know if you have a go at making this recipe by tagging us on Instagram:


if you decided to share your sandwich online (that way you can still enjoy it all to yourself!). We hope you love this recipe as much as we do! If you have any questions or suggestions for future content, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Rhythm and Green and we’ll get back to you soon!

With kindness,

Katherine x

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