introducing rhythm and green

Rhythm and Green is a small, sustainable, home-operated business located in the United Kingdom. Here at Rhythm and Green, we are all about seasonal eating, and sustainable living. Passionate about living deliberately, we aim to encourage our audience to establish greener, more sustainable rhythms in their every day lives, as well as a more gentle attitude towards their minds, bodies, and souls. We believe that it’s time to go back to the roots of seasonal living and begin to cultivate a greater sense of awareness when it comes to consumerism.

We decided to start this business as a way to raise awareness on the importance of eating seasonally and living with more sustainable habits. In today’s society, convenience shadows almost every decision we make. We forget to think about how something was made, and where our money is going, when we purchase something new. Our planet is suffering because of this, and it’s more essential now than ever to become more conscious in our consumption and focus on what we really need. Shopping and living seasonally, applying simpler methods to our lives, and consuming only what you need, are all ways of living more sustainably and reducing our waste. It can be difficult to know the first steps to take, but we hope to help you change your approach to consumerism and help you to foster more deliberate practices in your spending.

So, what can you expect to get from our website? Mostly, we will be supplying you with seasonal, vegan recipes, and guidance on sustainable living. However, other content will include:

  • Ways to live more simply
  • How to shop seasonally
  • Slow living activities
  • Slow fashion and sustainable clothing
  • Ways to help the environment
  • Sustainable laundry rhythms
  • Ways to reduce your everyday waste
  • What is simple living?
  • More on veganism and seasonal eating
  • Self-sufficiency and gardening
  • Making the most of your harvest

Our mission here at Rhythm and Green is to create awareness around simpler and more sustainable lifestyles. This corner of the internet is designed for those of us who want to establish simpler, more sustainable rhythms, and focus on aligning with the seasons. These methods and lifestyles can help us to retract from the hustle of today’s society and create more conscious approaches to our days.

Interested in staying in the know? Help us to grow our community by subscribing to our website and you’ll receive:

  • Personal, monthly emails from Katherine, the author and creator of Rhythm and Green, containing more information on this month’s topic and the occasional exclusive recipe.
  • Seasonal newsletters at the beginning of each season containing guidance and tips on how to make the most of the season ahead, and well as a sneak peek at this season’s content.
  • Post notifications for when new content is published to our website.

With the growth of our business, we hope to open a small and conscious shop where we aim to start a brand of our own natural and sustainable products for both household and garden. We are also aiming to write our own series of seasonal recipe books, loaded with vegan recipes to help you align with the seasons and eat more sustainably. Upon the opening of our shop, as a subscriber, you can expect early access to new products in the shop, as well as exclusive access to coupon codes for discounts on certain shop items at the end of each season/installment.

Please take a moment to have a look around and a good explore of Rhythm and Green. Thank you for your support and we wish you a gentle day ahead.

With kindness,


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